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Significance of Hiring End of Lease Commercial Cleaning Service

Significance of Hiring End of Lease Commercial Cleaning Service

Is your rental lease ending soon? Shifting is stressful, and most people have difficulty cleaning the rental space before moving out. Landlords refuse to pay the security deposit or cut a significant portion of the property that is not cleaned.

What is the end of lease or tenancy cleaning?

It refers to the complete sanitisation and deep-cleaning of the property, house or commercial space when the tenant moves out. It is the responsibility of the tenant to clean up the place as per the bond or agreement to get the entire security deposit back. It is more than just on-the-surface routine cleaning, and skilled professionals use advanced cleaning tools, equipment, and non-toxic chemical supplies to clean the space spotlessly.

Complete cleaning of the houseĀ 

The professionals provide deep and thorough cleaning and leave the house spotless. The agencies or cleaning companies equip the team of cleaners with necessary cleaning supplies to give a satisfactory service. It is beyond the routine cleaning but provides the house with a new-like look by cleaning.

  • The general cleaning includes removing stains, cobwebs, small nests, switches, and walls and cleaning the exhaust and ceiling fans. The carpet and upholstery are vacuumed and cleaned if the house is furnished.
  • The floors are swept and mopped using non-toxic cleaning chemicals. Advanced machines are used for the removal of stubborn floor stains.
  • The kitchen is cleaned thoroughly as it is one of the most used parts of the property. The commercial cleaners clean the cupboards, drawers, shelves etc. The grime and stubborn stains are scrubbed off with soap and organic cleaners. The sinks are sanitised, and drainage cleared.
  • The professionals use their expertise in cleaning the refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, chimney, and whatever equipment the landlord provides. Cleaning the kitchen equipment and hood filter is tedious, but cleaning professionals make it convenient.
  • The bathrooms are wholly sanitised as a part of the end of lease cleaning service. Bathrooms require disinfection as it attracts bacteria, mould, and mildew growth. The cleaners ensure every aspect of the bathroom is cleaned, stained, removed, and grout is cleaned from the tiles.
  • Once the house’s interior is cleaned, the outer place is groomed. This involves cleaning the garden, garage, and patio. The driveway is clean, and garbage is cleared.

Benefits of hiring professionals for the cleaning service

The professional cleaning service is efficient and 100% dedicated to providing end-of-lease commercial cleaning service.

  • The cleaning is done according to the tenant’s requirement and as per the agreement in the bond.
  • It is a time-saving process and makes it less stressful for the tenants. The skilled cleaners clean every corner of the house spotlessly.
  • A clean house means securing 100% of the bond amount for the tenant.
  • The professionals use their non-toxic and environment-friendly cleaning supplies and advanced cleaning equipment.
  • The home is adequately sanitised to make it free of germs and other microbial growth.

As per the bond, it is required that the tenant clean the house and leave it in the same condition when starting the tenancy. The end-of-the lease cleaning service is a way to get a complete cleaning and hence 100% of the security deposit back when moving out.


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